Concurrent Documentation

Learn how concurrent documentation can improve client experience, increase efficiency, and help you scale your practice.

What You Will Learn

  • Strengthen Client Relationships

    Learn how in-session documentation can actually improve patient satisfaction and increase medication adherence.

  • Improve Practice Efficiency

    Discover important documentation skills to reduce no-shows, improve client retention, and keep clients feeling involved in their care.

  • Reduce Documentation Time

    Save hours of non-billable time that could be spent growing your practice or focusing on your passions.


Documentation can be one of the most frustrating parts of providing therapy and healthcare services. For many providers, it can be an unrelenting, time-consuming activity.

This course will help you learn how to use concurrent documentation, documenting in the moment with your clients, to your advantage and theirs.

Course Curriculum

  • Section 2:

    What Does the Research Say?

    • Client Perceptions and Engagement

    • Provider Time on Task

    • The Research Says

  • Section 3:

    Benefits to Clients

    • Strengthen the Therapeutic Alliance

    • Increase Accuracy

    • Prescribers Only

    • Keep the Focus on the Client

    • Reflection - Personal Interest (what about CD appeals to you)

  • Section 4:

    Benefits to YOU (the professional)

    • Protect Your Bottom Line

    • Strengthen the Therapeutic Relationship

    • Promote an Ethical Practice

    • Get Your Life Back

    • Benefits Knowledge Check

  • Section 5:

    Strategies To Help You Start Documenting Concurrently

    • Prepare Your Workspace and Technology

    • Invite the Client to Be Part of the Process

    • Concurrent Documentation and High Acuity Clients

    • Action Plan

    • Reflection - What To Do Next

  • Section 6:


    • Review

    • References Used In This Course

    • Feedback and Testimonial

  • Section 7:

    Let's Chat

    • Let's Chat!

Learn from an Industry Expert

Read more about course instructor Jeanie Winstrom

Jeanie Winstrom, MA LCPC

Founder, Forever Forward Therapy

Jeanie Winstrom is an experienced mentor and consultant with an exclusive mental health practice serving high-achieving and accomplished professionals.

Her years of experience as both a corporate leader and entrepreneur give her valuable insight to educate and support other practitioners through the process of growing their practices and finding fulfillment in their work.

Course Bonuses

  • Lifetime

    Come back to the course and review the content at any time with unlimited lifetime access.

  • Downloadable Resources

    Download and print valuable resources to help you get the most out of your documentation process.

  • Personal Mentorship

    Book time with Jeanie directly to dive deeper into the course content and learn valuable tips for success.


Learn how you can save hours of your day while improving relationships with clients and growing your practice.

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